Monday, December 17, 2012

Unagi in Teriyaki Sauce

I have been hibernating for some time and it's time to continue with my Japanese food project. I thought of making unagi today.

This is my first time making unagi. I textured the unagi with brush bristles and then shading it with soft pastels. I like my unagi to be more charred, hence I applied more dark shades. If you are wondering why my soft pastels are in such bad shape, I actually accidentally knocked them off my working desk some time ago.

After that, I made the yummy teriyaki sauce to glaze the unagi. I love my unagi to be covered with thick and caramelised teriyaki sauce. 

Here is the final outcome compared to my best buddy at work - the 50 cents.

My unagi set includes rice, radish pickles, cawanmushi, miso soup, green tea and of course the unagi in teriyaki sauce.

Hmmm... Don't you love charred thick and fat unagi in caramelised teriyaki sauce?

Filling up the display cabinet of Gin's Mini Japanese Restaurant.

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