Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Anniversary Plaque - The Happy Piggies Family

This is an order made since October 2012. What took me so long? Well, I guess I just have to save the best for last. Haha. I met Tin 4 years ago in a wedding forum. We signed up the same bridal shop for pre-wedding photos hence we had never-ending chats about our wedding preparation, photo-shooting, life and the list goes on. Wow... Time flies... This year is already our 4th anniversary! 

I know Tin loves piggies. I am not surprised when she told me that she wanted to have piggies for her plaque but 8 piggies are a bit challenging for me. Haha.

Yes, this is my sketch book. I will normally do a draft before I do the plaque. I have been thinking for the longest time on how to put all the requirements into a small plaque. I knew something must be let go or I won't be going anywhere.

Getting ready the essential materials!

I started to put my tag behind each plaque nowadays.

I began with the baby piggies. Gosh... I got nuts by rolling their knuckles! Haha.

The swim suit for the boys and girls are done! Now it's time to make their head and arms.

Ready to go into the oven!

The background is done - sandy beach, sea water with sea wave. I used clay whipped cream to create the sea wave.

Hmmm... Seems like I have no more space for the umbrella and lazy chairs. 

I will just make all of them sun-bathing on the sand then.

Theme: Beach & piggies
Size: 15 cm x 20.5 xm
Status: SOLD

In my draft, I actually made them crossing legs and the parents are supposed to wear sunglasses. However, I later found out that their legs are too short to be crossed. Wahahahaha! I purposely made the parents with smiley eyes to show that how proud and happy they are for having the 6 piglets. Tin, wishing you and Edmund a happy 4th anniversary! May your piglets dream come true! *HUGS*


  1. I love love love love them ^^ So cute ^^ Ahhhh...Now I know where to go to make cute cute plaques liao :D