Sunday, December 2, 2012

Colourful Macaroons

I started my clay hobby with oven-bake clay but I realised that most people prefer air-dry clay. Today, I tried to make some macaroons using Japanese light air-dry clay. To my surprise, it's not that difficult as I thought. Ya, I kinda have to rush my work as the clay will get hardened once exposed to air but I still find it manageable.

Colourful macaroons are used to make key chains.

5 macaroons keychain - RM25 each

4 macaroons keychain - RM20 each

I have got some leftover clay from the macaroons so I used it to make ice-cream. 

I love texture of the air-dry clay. It has this texture which makes the ice-cream looks more real! Sorry, the ice-creams are not for sale :P

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