Friday, November 9, 2012

Miniature Birthday Set

Few days ago, I received an order from my ex-colleagues to make a miniature birthday set for another colleague. We have no idea what the birthday girl likes apart from cute soft toys. Since the girls let me to decide what to make, I decided to make something sweet for the birthday girl.

Sweet charlotte cake - I am not sure about her favourite cake but I guess most girls won't hate strawberries? 

I know the birthday girl is more on the cutie side rather than girlish side but I guess (again) most girls won't say no to roses?

My first attempt in making "clear water" in the vase by using epoxy resin. It's fun!

6 cuppies

A 3-tier high-tea tray filled with fruit tarts, macaroons and chocolate pudding

Arranging the minis into the display casing...

Miniature birthday set
Price: RM120 (display casing included)
Status: SOLD 

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