Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY iPhone Casing Decoration

Some time ago, I found some nice Marc Jacob daisies from a handphone accessories booth. The daisies were really gorgeous and I matched them with a champagne gold casing. Recently, this casing has finally broken off. I managed to buy two new ones and the above is one of them. I love the lace details and the heart shape opening for the camera. Few days ago, a friend suggested that I can actually decorate phone casings with my clay stuff and sell them! That's a brilliant idea but I am not too keen in selling them at the moment as clay tends to break or chip off if you're not a careful person. I wouldn't say that clay is fragile as it's still harder than glass but still... it's not meant for heavy-duty usage. Anyway, I shall just try at least once and see how long it can sustain.

I love roses a lot and they must be in all shades of PINK! I tried not to make
them too small/thin. I made thicker petals, hoping that they can sustain longer. Haha.

 So, here is the outcome!

I pasted some blings onto the casing too :)

In the attempt of making something cute, I made a bunny girl anti-dust plug. Hubby asked why my bunny girl has no mouth. Well, I just told him I don't like talkative bunnies :P

Hubby got himself a new phone casing too and it's in his favourite bright orange colour. Very eye-catching, huh? Haha. I matched his casing with this doggie anti-dust plug.

How long these clay stuff can sustain? Just wait and see :)

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