Saturday, November 17, 2012

High-tea Party

I bought some miniature accessories recently and my hands were itchy for doing something with them. I am supposed to do my revision but I just can't resist it. Oh, well... You always have no time for the things you dislike and you always can't get enough time for the things you like!

I am not a blue person. I mean I never really like blue and I hardly do something or pick something in blue colour. However, this time I picked a teapot set in blue. Nothing special... It's just that they are not available in my favourite colours. Haha. Anyway, since the teapot set is already in blue colour, I  decided to use blue as the theme colour all the way.

Firstly, I filled up the teapot set with milk, sugar and coffee/tea. They will take some time to dry up.

Then I started to make the desserts. Oh, they hurt my eyes!!! They are sooooo tiny!

You can see that the colour of the coffee/tea is getting darker as it gets dryer.

Preparing some cuppies...

Filling up the 3-tier dessert tray...

Finally it's done after so much hard works!!!


Can you see the sugar and milk in the jars?

Cookies with blue meringue

Biscuits with strawberry jam

Dark chocolate in rose shape

Baby blue icing cake

Assorted desserts - cupcakes, macaroons and chocolate puddings

Now I am happy :)

High-tea set in blue colour
Price: RM180 (casing included)

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