Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Red Velvet Dream

Yazleen is more than a friend to me. She is like my sister from another mother, seriously! Haha. We knew each other since we were in primary school and she had been my best childhood buddy ever! We shared food, books, secrets... Those were the good times...

Now both of us have our own family and she is blessed with 3 cute children. Thanks to Facebook, so we managed to keep in touch and update each other about our life. When she told me that she wanted to order something from me, I was thrilled! It's not that I am desperate to get her business but I feel like... you know... I can finally do something for her!

Yazleen chose desserts as the theme and she said she likes red velvet cake. I like red velvet cake too, not the taste but the colour. I ever tasted Starbuck's red velvet cake and it sucks! But nothing can stop me from adoring the elegance of this cake.

Red velvet cake keychain

I decorated the cake with red velvet roses :)

From the red velvet cake, I sliced a piece out from it and turned it into a charm of the anti-dust plug.

I also made some red velvet cuppies to accompany the lonely piece of red velvet cake :D

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