Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Grand Opening of Gin's Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant

After doing yesterday's sushi platters, I told myself that I have had enough of rice and noodles! I must move on and try something else! 

Today, I re-arranged the mini Japanese food in the mini display cabinet to make it look "full" so that I can tell myself that the mini Japanese food project is completed. Haha. So, what's my next project?

Tadda... I am gonna start doing Chinese dim sum! I bought these bamboo steamers, bowls and plates for quite some time already. I didn't do dim sum earlier because I didn't manage to find any dim sum cart. When I finally found one, it was out of stock. Since I don't want to wait anymore, I picked this fish ball stall to act as dim sum cart :P

The dim sum cart came all the way from Hong Kong and the supplier didn't pack the stuff nicely. When it came, several mini items were broken/chipped and the cart's holder had come off. Luckily, the cart's holder is still repairable.

For the grand opening of my mini Chinese dim sum restaurant, I made some easy dim sum as warming up.

Being a Cantonese, I have always loved dim sum. When I was a kid, I used to follow my late grandfather to have dim sum breakfast. Being a typical Cantonese, he would order Yat Zhong Liong Kin which literally means a teapot of Chinese tea and 2 types of dim sum. My grandfather would then enjoy his dim sum while reading newspapers. He would take his time to sip his Chinese tea and the waiter would refill the teapot again and again and again until the tea leaves were tasteless. During that time, I was too young to appreciate dim sum breakfast. I was impatient and always wanted to finish eating faster so that I could go to the Sunday market. My grandfather always asked me to be patient, try sipping the tea slowly to taste the tea but I found it boring. Haha. Sometimes, you really need to "enrich" yourself before you could learn to appreciate things.

Char Siew Pau - Bun with grilled meat in sweet sauce
I never like char siew pau because I never like sweet sauce. I always think that eating char siew pau is a waste of my stomach quota when there are a lot more yummier dim sum waiting for me :P

Big Pau - Big bun with juicy meat, mushroom, hard boiled egg and sometimes it comes with a piece of chinese preserved sausage too.

The larger-sized Xiao Long Bao - I have always wanted to try this! It is said that this xiao long bao is so huge that a straw will be provided so that you can sip the soup/juice inside like a canned drink. How could is that, huh?

Pan-fried radish cake - I like crispy radish cake! No, not the one cut into smaller cubes and stir-fried but the plain one will do.

Come, let's enjoy the dim sum together!


  1. waahhhh very nice Gin... in future can open a shop already... u do it like pro already ^_^

    1. Hahaha... Thanks but I am still very far from being "pro" :P