Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sushi Platters

Honestly, I got bored with making mini Japanese food already. I am so sick of making salmon, rice grains and noodles already but my mini display cabinet is not full yet! Haiz... I guess it's time to make some sushi.

Salmon sushi + salmon sashimi

Tuna flakes + cucumber sushi

Salmon sushi & Tuna flakes + cucumber sushi

The sushi platters

I found that it's difficult to get the right translucent level and orange shade of the salmon. The last time I made salmon, the whitish part was too translucent until it wasn't that visible, hence I made it whiter but it got too white! Hmmm... I need more practice.

I have so many leftover salmon and tuna flakes sushi hence I made this combo platter.

Can you see the rice grains?

Hmmm... What shall I do next?

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