Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pink and Purple Wedding Miniatures

During a CNY family gathering, my cousin told me that her friend will be getting married soon and she would like to order a miniature set for her friend. Since her friend doesn't have any particular favourite colours, we agreed to use the very typical girlish colours for the miniature set - pink and purple!

When I was preparing my wedding 4 years ago, I always dreamt of having a tall, elegant and beautiful wedding cake. However, due to budget constraint, my dream never came true. That's why I love doing miniature wedding cake because I am allowed to incorporate my creativity and dreams into it.

Roses are always the most-seen flowers in a wedding. I have spent quite some time to make those tiny roses while coughing non-stop. That's really hard work! Haha! 

I made the meringues in pink and purple colours too! I love the sweet and girlish combination :)

Waiting for the coating to dry up...

3-tier wedding cake with pink and purple roses

Glass jar filled with pink and purple meringues and chocolate coated with pink and purple cream

3-tier high-tea tray filled with assorted desserts

Chocolate chips cookies

Pie and cream puffs

Cupcakes with pink butter frosting cream


The complete set

Ready to go into the casing!

Inside the casing

Names of the couple on top of the casing

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