Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gin's Minion Comic - The Revenge

Red Indian Minion: Cheese cake!!!
Baby Minion: I love love love cheese cake!!!

Red Indian Minion: Let's get some coffee to go along with the cheese cake.
Baby Minion: Okok...

Cheese cake was being left alone...

Maid Minion: Cheese cheese cheese cake!!!

*Looking to the front*

*Looking to the back*

Red Indian Minion: Holy cheese!!! Where is my cheese cake?!
Baby Minion: Where is it?! Where is it?! Where is it?!

Red Indian Minion & Baby Minion: Did you...???!!!
Maid Minion: No, not me, no cheese, not cheese...

Red Indian Minion: @#$%^&*

Maid Minion: Muahahahahahaha~ *evil laughs*

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